God Gives More Grace

God Gives More Grace: Walking with God Through Life’s Trials (click here to purchase) is a book that cuts through the confusion that often surrounds the topic of grace. The book begins by answering the question, “What is God’s grace?” Even as prevalent as grace may be in today’s culture, most people have a hazy understanding of what it really is. The first section of the book seeks to uncover a simple, working definition for the term that can be applied throughout the rest of the book. Once we know what grace is, the second part of the book answers the questions, “How can I receive grace for myself? How do I experience God’s grace in the middle of trials and temptation?” Thankfully Scripture is not silent on this matter. James 4:5-10 clearly outlines the attitude and approach needed for a Christian to experience God’s grace. Humility serves as bookends of the passage and is the overarching attitude required for those who come to God for grace. The book then carefully examines the ten commands given in rapid-fire succession over the course of the next three verses. The call is for us to submit to God, resist the devil, draw near to God, cleanse our life from sin and have a right perspective toward sin. To help reinforce the teachings within this section of commands, “Grace Studies,” which are simply case studies in the lives of individuals transformed by the grace of God, help highlight the main theme of the chapter (click here to purchase).

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