Missions: God’s Glory on Display

Missions: God’s Glory on Display from Genesis to Revelation is a devotional guide highlighting God’s heartbeat for missions as displayed throughout the pages of Scripture. Tim Valiante is proud to be a contributing author for this book which shows that God has always been passionate about missions because He has always been passionate about His glory being displayed around the world. This new book (which is the September-October 2020 teen devotion book for Glow Publications) will also be a unique resource available year round. It can be used for personal devotions, Church missions conferences (buy this resource in bulk and save money while preparing your church family for an upcoming missions emphasis), helping people understand the main themes of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, and encouraging a passion for missions and evangelism.

Authors such as Don Sisk, Steve Pettit, Ken Fielder, Kevin Brosnan, Andy Gleiser, Travis Gravley, David McCrum (South Africa), Mark Pereira (Portugal), Tim Endean (CampsAbroad, WILDS), Philip Hunt (Zambia), Tim Valiante (Phillipines), Ben Murray, (Taiwan), Mickey Cofer (Mongolia), Brandon Carmichael (Brazil), and pastors such as Mike Montgomery, Michael Goforth, Doug Stewart, and Tom Wiggs have contributed to this resource.

Right now, this resource is available for pre-order through Glow Publications for just $2.35 until October 1 (click here to purchase).

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